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Runtime type-checking for JavaScript objects without TypeScript or other dependencies, but with TypeScript-like syntax.

Example code:

import { createInterface, createWithInterface } from 'js-typed-object'
// or, in Node
const { createInterface, createWithInterface } = require('js-typed-object')

// Step 1. Creating an interface 
const personInterfaceDescriptor = {
    name: 'string',
    age: 'number',
    married: '?boolean',
    numbers: '?number[]'
const personInterface = createInterface(personInterfaceDescriptor, 'Person')

// Step 2. Creating a typed object via interface above
const person = createWithInterface(personInterface, {
    name: 'Alex',
    age: 23

// Step 3. Try to use different types
person.age = '23'
// TypeError: Type "string" is not assignable to type "number"

What is interface?

In this package, of course, interface doesn't mean real interface from OOP. You can't implement them in classes, you can't write interface extending class. For now it is just a type definition for object fields.

Supported types

  • number (and number array via number[]);
  • string (and string array via string[]);
  • boolean (and boolean array via boolean[]).

More types are coming soon! Complex types are on the way too.

Optional properties

All the types can be written like '?type'. It means that this property is optional, and you can set it as undefined.


  • Complex types (string|number);
  • adding more supported types (functions, objects, etc.);
  • ability to use other interfaces as types;
  • babel plugin.

Browser support

Most of the code in the library is well supported by browsers, however, Proxy is used to work with arrays. You can look at the proxy support table to see which browsers will be able to work without polyfills.